2016 Gleidman Oration
Optimizing Rectal Cancer Care: The Evolving Role of Transanal Endoscopic Surgery
Patricia Sylla, MD
2016 Full Program
2016 Presentations  

2015 Gleidman Oration
Minimally Invasive GI Surgery: Past, Present and (?) Future
Nathaniel Soper, MD, FACS
2015 Full Program
2015 Presentations  
2014 Gleidman Oration
What is General Surgery in the Era of Subspecialty and Acute Care Surgery?
Frank Lewis, MD
2014 Full Program
2014 Presentations  
2013 Gleidman Oration
Surgical Metamorphosis: Preparing for Change - 
Jeffrey L. Ponsky, MD
2013 Full Program
2013 Presentations